Oswald’s Kitchen


When Butler asked me to partake in her “blogging” as she calls it, I was hesitant at first.  There are very few activities that I really have any desire to put effort into other than walking, swimming, and eating.  I consider most things that end in -ing work, and this includes bathing even though I usually just stand there.   However, it was explained to me by my dear Butler that I would only have to blog about things I was interested in, so I agreed.

My blog will usually cover topics surrounding food.  I’m not a food snob (*editor’s note: yes he is!), but I do like things to be done properly.  My dear Butler has done a lot of research over the past couple of years on the nutritional do’s and don’ts of a canine diet, and has taken to making much of my dog food from scratch.  I do still eat commercial food as well and will post on the differences between commercial products later on.  Overall, Butler feels that by making homemade food it allows for a much less processed form of nutrition for me, and it is significantly less expensive than organic or gourmet wet dog food.  And it’s delicious.  So stay tuned this week for some recipes and a lesson in homemade dog food and treats.


2 thoughts on “Oswald’s Kitchen

  1. Thank you Ginger Beagle!!! Daniel enjoyed his time with you and appreciated all the extra attention you gave him. Would recommend your business to anyone! Details are not overlooked and my dear precious Daniel was well cared for. Thank you!!!!

  2. Home made doggy food is the best (But sometimes human food can be better!) My person likes to cook and will look forward to your recipes 😀 x

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