The Invisible Gremlin

This is just a quick Rupert update.  I took him out to Lake Pontchartrain on Monday morning to have some off-leash training time and let him go for a swim.  Oswald wasn’t feeling very well that morning, so we left him at home and took the opportunity to have a good one-on-one training session.

Sitting by the lake

Sitting by the lake

Rupert did really well, and was actually better behaved with the off-leash commands when he was solo than he does when Oswald is around.  He wasn’t so sure about the waves on the lake, but he got used to them.  He did, however, get quite concerned half-way through the walk back through a field and began barking at what I can only assume was an invisible gremlin (after I mistook it for some imaginary birds).  I have some video of him protecting me from said gremlin:

Not only was his obsession with said gremlin kind of hilarious, but also his stance while doing so.  Apparently the most effective way to ward off invisible gremlins is to jump up on one’s hind legs like a prairie dog and bark.  Who knew!?  Here is a video of the prairie dog stance.

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