Canine Binky?

rupert pacifier


Yesterday afternoon, after a long walk, Rupert passed out on my bed.  This has recently become his preferred spot for afternoon siestas, but yesterday he did something new.  His new collar is a little big on him, so consequently there is a lot of excess leather at the end.  Yesterday, he took to chewing the end of his collar as he fell asleep and then passed out with the collar still in his mouth.

All I can think of is I might have struck gold on this- the collar acts like a canine pacifier, which means if he’s chewing that, he won’t chew my shoes (he just finished on pair #3….).  I’m thinking about rubbing some bacon grease on the collar just to encourage him along… just kidding.  But in the mean time, it makes for a cute picture.  🙂

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