Bringing Back the Fanny Pack!

Ok, full disclosure: this post is about one of my guilty pleasures- my fanny pack.  I love it!  I can’t help it.  It’s just so handy for dog walking and allows me to keep my hands free to hold leashes as opposed to holding “stuff”.  In my opinion it is my #1 dog walking tool.

I believe I had my first introduction to the world of fanny packs as a small child.  I don’t remember it, but I have no doubt that my mother will be able to dig out a photo of me sporting said fanny pack after she reads this post.  My first real fanny pack (as an adult) was donated to me by my good friend Amy.  How she was able to part with this magical staple of modern fashion I will never understand, but I was eternally grateful that she chose me to bestow it upon.

Unfortunately, the clasp on Amy’s fanny pack broke recently, which left me with the task of shopping for a new fanny pack.  Not knowing where to start, I did what I usually do in such situations and fired up I was blown away!  Fanny pack shopping was much more detailed than I had ever imagined.  Between all the colors, zipper choices, cup holder options, and different clasps and clips I had no clue where to start!  However, I managed to soldier through the options and finally settled upon “The One”- the Yens® Fantasybag All-Star Fanny Pack.  Two days later (thanks Amazon Prime!) my brand new fanny pack arrived on my doorstep and it was just perfect.

The main feature of this particular model is that it boasts three main zippy pouches*.  The main zippy pouch has compartments inside which are the perfect size for my cell phone, keys, headphones, or anything else I may need.  There is even a little clip inside for my keys to ensure they don’t accidentally fall out when I’m digging through the pouch for other supplies.  The front zippy pouch has been designated for poop bags and training treats, as it has the easiest “one-zip access”.  The back zippy pouch is designated for cash and other valuables for the rare (ok, not so rare) case that the pups and I stop at our local watering hole on the way home from a walk.  This All-Star Fanny Pack also has two side zippy pouches, one of which has a mesh water bottle holder inside than can be pulled out if needed.  Plus, the color scheme is very sleek, black with yellow accents, which says “I’m casual, yet stylish.”

* “zippy pouches” is the technical term in fanny pack lingo for any compartment found in the pack.

bum bag 1



Overall, I would give it a 10/10 on the fanny pack quality scale.  Other members of my family (and all of my friends, now that I think about it) have not jumped on the fanny pack bandwagon yet, and are actually resisting my suggestions to wear the pack when they are walking dogs without me.  I don’t pretend to understand their resistance to this functional, yet snazzy accessory, but to each their own.  I suppose not everyone can have great taste like me!

Happy Walking

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