10 dog breeds you’ve never heard of

I think for my next dog I’ll shoot for either a Karelian Bear Dog or Boaerboel…

Reggie's House

Do you ever take your dog for a walk and meet another dog and ask “what is your dog?”  and then get totally blown away by the response? There is this dog in my neighborhood that we see every once in a while that I always thought was some kind of Whippet-mix. Well, turns out it is a Pharaoh Hound. A what? Which took me down this rabbit hole of Dog Breeds I’ve Never Heard Of Before.

Pharaoh Hound

This dog is an AKC registered breed, and it is in the hound class as its name implies. It is one of the oldest domesticated dogs in history. They hunt rabbit, and are thought to have been brought from Egypt to the island of Malta; it is the national dog of Malta. If you find a Pharaoh Hound to rescue, note that they are very athletic and require a lot of…

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