Sunday Funday on a Monday… Again!

I had plans of taking the dogs down to one of the local nature parks this week for Sunday Funday, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  We did go for our usual Sunday stroll and swim yesterday, but it wasn’t to the extent I had planned, mainly because I had some serious football to watch (Go Saints!).

Here is Oswald looking particularly “wolfy” after his swim yesterday.

Oswald wolf

Fortunately for my loves, Monday Funday struck again this week.  Today we got to hang out with our Border Collie friends Owen and Lizzie- meet them below!





I am pet sitting Owen and Lizzie for a friend so this morning, in a moment of pure brilliance,I thought to myself “Hey, why don’t I walk all four dogs together?!”  That was the end of my brilliance for the day.

Full disclosure: walking four dogs together is not the slightest bit cute like it looks in the movies.  The block and a half distance that I walked from my friend’s house to the levee felt like one of those military obstacle courses that they make the new recruits run through in the movies.  Oswald, always having to be the lead dog, was shoulder checking anyone that tried to come up to the front of the pack.  Owen peed on everything (and I think maybe even Rupert by accident) and would then immediately wrap his leash around whatever object he had just marked.  Rupert was beside himself with excitement, and was dashing back and forth between everyone’s legs while simultaneously trying to lick their faces.  Lizzie, bless her, was the only one of the group with any sense of grace, but at that point she was caught up in the tornado of black, white, and grey that was working its way down the street.  I was but a mere passenger on the canine crazy train.

Once we hit the levee everything was fine.  Owen, Lizzie, and Rupert all go off leash so I only had to hold onto Oswald (because he’s old and grumpy and can’t be trusted not to take a day trip to Mississippi if off-leash).

The Pack

The Pack

And we found mud.  Lots of mud.

Owen and Oswald mudding

Owen and Oswald mudding

Owen shaking
Owen shaking

And I was even able to catch Rupert mid-frolic…. or possibly mid-prance, it’s hard to tell.

Rupert frolicking...

Rupert frolicking…

It’s safe to say everyone had fun, and the walk back from the levee was significantly easier than the walk there.  Everyone got a nice dousing with the hose before we went our separate ways, and I think all parties involved (including me!) are ready for nap.

The question is, will I be brave enough to try and repeat this exercise tomorrow?

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