Walking Four Dogs- Take 2

Ok, so if you didn’t happen to read about my struggles yesterday, take a second to catch up here.  Although walking two dogs feels effortless to me at this point, I over-estimated my abilities when I tried to walk four.

Well, not one to be defeated, I decided to give the four-dog-walk another try this morning, and not to toot my own horn (toot, toot!), but it was actually quite successful.  This time I had a strategy!  I had two leashes in each hand, set off at a quick pace, and no one stopped to sniff until we hit the levee and went off leash.  It was a well-executed operation that even my military brother might have been impressed with.

Once on the levee, the dogs found the mud again….



Oswald really enjoyed a good wallow this morning.



After the mud, there was frolicking…

IMG_20130910_090219_329 IMG_20130910_090215_906


And once we got home, everyone lined up for bath (please note Oswald’s expression of complete loathing).



Then we went home and everyone fell asleep.

Happy Tuesday!

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