Pumpkin Biscuits- A Perfect Fall Treat

Today’s recipe is a fun, seasonal recipe that also serves to relieve upset stomachs.  I’m a lucky dog and am blessed with a pretty strong stomach, but sometimes I do indulge in picnic remains that I find on the levee or eat one too many rib bones while at a neighborhood party.  From now on, if I have days where I may have overindulged, I will definitely be baking a batch of these soothing biscuits.  These biscuits will also come in handy for the puppy, as he hasn’t yet developed a discerning pallet and will pretty much eat anything.

Now, I will say that I cannot take any credit for this recipe as I did not make it up and I also didn’t discover it by myself.  This recipe was actually sent to me by my feline-in-law Penny.  I’m usually not a fan of cats, and frankly I often find them quite condescending, but Penny (named after the James Bond character Moneypenny!) seems to be one of the good ones.  I’m not sure if Penny is taking an interest in the culinary arts or if she has just picked up on her butler’s Pinterest habit, but either way I am thankful that she passed this recipe on to me.

So, head over to Simmer Til Done and take a look at the recipe for Cleo’s Pumpkin Dog Biscuits.  I’ll be making a batch this week to celebrate the beginning of fall.





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