It Finally Feels Like Fall!

We know we’ve haven’t been writing much recently, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been out and about.

Oswald and I are both very excited that Fall has finally arrived in New Orleans.  I do love the summer, but truthfully Oswald and I are both cold weather creatures.  Last Friday we took a long late afternoon walk, just the two of us, and it certainly served to blow out the cobwebs from my mind.

Oswald was the friskiest I’d seen him in ages- I think the joint supplements that our friends at All My Canine Companions suggested (thanks, by the way!!) and the cool weather have given him some extra spring in his step.


Under the bridge


New Orleans sky line


Showing off the tail


Reading some information signage


Giving me the “stop with the pictures!” face

Then we had a lazy night in on Friday to keep the sick boyfriend company.  I forgot how little room there is in a queen sized bed when you’re sharing it with a boyfriend and a dog.  It was worth it for the company, though.  🙂




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