Help! We Need A Name…

I was discussing with some friends last night that I have a new found respect for parents of human children.  I am having the hardest time deciding on a name for New Dog, and I can’t even imagine trying to successfully name an actual human person.  So for all of you who have named a child, I applaud you!

I had a name that I really liked (which I won’t reveal in case I do end up using it), but Boyfriend isn’t too keen on it.  My New Orleans boy wants a “good southern name” for our new dog, whereas the Yankee in me isn’t quite sold on that idea.

We’ve been through the list of TV, movie, and book characters, we’ve tried places we’ve visited, places we haven’t visited, foods we like to eat, brands of guns (mostly Boyfriend on that one), names of songs, singers of songs, and yesterday I found myself reading street signs for inspiration.  Still nothing has jumped out at me.

I’m going to pick up New Dog on Saturday, so I still have some time, and maybe a name will jump out at me once I meet her, but I’d still like to have a couple of good ideas in mind.  So, I figure it can’t hurt to throw it out there to my doggy-bloggy readers.  

Any suggestions for “good southern” dog names, or just fun names in general?

New Dog is a little girl, 14 weeks, and her Mom was a stray full-blooded Bluetick Coonhound.  We have no clue about Dad.  She’s coming from Alabama, so she really is a southern girl.

Help me out so I don’t need to start looking for name inspiration in my bottles of cleaning products…

New DogNew Dog

8 thoughts on “Help! We Need A Name…

  1. Oh he is gorgeous! I am sorry I can’t be any help with the name .. we had the name lined up before the dog. Good Luck though! 🙂

  2. I immediately thought Desiree. That’s my vote for the little lady! Naming is so difficult, my sister ended up naming Zeke. He came with the name Jack which I wanted to change;I wanted to name him Zee after a book character, the boyfriend didn’t like it. She said combine those two and make Zeke! Can’t wait to see what you pick!

    • Desiree is a good contender. If I can’t figure it out I really hope a name jumps out at me as soon as I meet her. I can’t believe how difficult this is!

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