Mossberg Pepper Gildersleeve  aka  “Mossy” or “Moss”


Picking her up in Mississippi

Ok, so I’m sure that you’re probably looking at the name and a little bit of “WTF” is running through your head.  Bear with me for a minute.

First of all naming this dog was the most difficult task ever!  Everything I liked, Boyfriend hated and vice versa.  I wanted a girly name, but not a cheesy name, an uncommon name, but not a completely bizarre name.  Boyfriend liked the name Mossberg (as in the brand of riffle), which makes sense because she is bred to be a hunting dog.  I don’t mind the name Moss or Mossy because it’s a little girly but not too girly, not to mention she looks like she’s straight out of the woods (and really, I do have a soft spot for Bryophytes). My second choice was Pepper, because she is cute but also a little ditzy so it seemed to fit.  (Plus, this way if I decide I hate Mossy in 3 days, I can revert to Pepper still.)

She was born on July 24th (all the cool people are born in July!) so she is almost 15 weeks old.  We know for a fact that her Mom was Bluetick Coonhound, but we have no idea about Dad. I am thinking that there is a good chance that Dad might be Catahoula based on her coloring, which is fun because Oswald is part Catahoula too.

After having her for two days now, I am starting to figure her out.  There are some things that she is good at:

  1. Cuddles
  2. Chewing (on ANYTHING)
  3. Sleeping
  4. Eating
  5. Stealing my friend’s drinks (she tried/partially succeeded to drink three different drinks during Girl’s Night at my house on Saturday night)

Other than that, she’s basically just a big spaz.  She has no idea how to walk on a leash.  A lot of times she has trouble to walking, period.  (Her legs are longer than she can deal with).  She falls both up and down stairs.  She tries to climb on my head when I sit on the couch.  She drinks out of the toilet.  She thinks she can talk, but she mostly just walks around squeaking like Beaker from the Muppets.  She’s obsessed with Oswald’s tail.  She gets the hiccups all the time.  Her favorite toy is a stuffed Armadillo (that makes the armadillo sound…) that she arrived with.  She’s kind of a hot mess.

I will give her credit, though, she is learning quickly.  I keep comparing her to Rupert at this age, and even he had to it together more than she does.  But as Boyfriend reminded me this morning, we found Rupert at 8 weeks, so by the time he was 4 months old, he’d already had two months of training.  With her, we are playing catch-up.

The first order of business is to teach her her name.  Then we’ll try to reinforce the standard that ladies don’t drink out of toilets.  Once she’s mastered the use of her legs on flat surfaces, we’ll practice stairs.  And, of course, we’ll work on the whole “sit”, “come”, “wait” situation as we go along.   We will also be purchasing a new collar, because I don’t do pink and therefore she doesn’t either.

She doesn’t like to pose for the camera as much as Rupert did, but here are some shots from the last couple of days:


Following Oswald


Sleeping on my legs


In the flower bed.


Not sure about the stairs


Standing without falling over- score!


Selfies on the porch


Selfies on the porch


Selfies on the porch


Selfies on the porch

And for all of you Oswald fans out there, he is not pleased at all!  He hasn’t looked at me for the past two days.


“Stupid puppy….”

Even though Mossy is leaving him alone, he still doesn’t want her anywhere near him.  I’m pretty sure she’ll rule the roost soon enough though.  All I know, is that I have my work cut out for me for the next few months.

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