Pepper Update- Week 1 down

Yes, we are calling her Pepper, and that’s my final answer.  We had settled on Mossberg Pepper Gildersleeve, but unfortunately calling her “Moss” or “Mossy” got very confusing with “Oz” or “Ozzy”.  So Pepper it is, and she answers to it now, so I certainly can’t change it again!

Well, Week 1 is complete and all parties involved survived.  After one week we have successfully accomplished the following:

  • learning the command “sit”
  • sitting automatically before I put her leash on
  • sitting and waiting before she eats her food
  • coming back when called when she is off leash on the levee (works about 90% of the time)
  • the ability to successfully navigate stairs
  • fetching (this is by far my favorite!!!)

Things we still need to work on:

  • house training (although getting better each day)
  • not eating her leash (or Oswald’s) when walking
  • not drinking out of the toilet
  • trying to not chew my slippers, pants, sleeves, ponytail, shoes, or any other form of loose clothing.  Also the bathmat.

Overall, she is making great progress.  She is certainly very intelligent, which is a blessing and a curse because she is a quick to learn, but also thinks for herself which usually means trouble.  Rupert was a slower learner, but was pretty much always willing to do what I asked of him, whereas Pepper has to weigh up her options and decide whether it’s worth it for her to follow my instructions.  However, I can use the hound in her to my advantage, because she will pretty much do anything for a treat, which is very handy.


She does like to explore the dishwasher (working on breaking that!)

IMG_20131112_115921_403 - Copy

She also sleeps in the craziest positions.


She still loves to cuddle, which is great.


And we will sit still once in a while.

Oswald is still very unimpressed with her presence, but he did finally make it into the kitchen over the weekend to bake some comfort food.  However, he has still been spending a lot of time moping around, and yesterday he didn’t get out of bed (meaning MY bed) until 3 pm in the afternoon!

IMG_20131112_120018_797 - Copy

As you can see, my bed is no longer my own.  In fact the other morning I woke up to find Oswald had stolen Boyfriend’s side of the bed, and Pepper was sitting on top of me.  Luckily Boyfriend thought to snap a picture.


I’m considering moving to the guest room and giving the dogs our room.

I also decided to clean out under the couch the other day and found no less than 6 rawhide bones, and an additional 6 or so toys.  Apparently I discovered Rupert’s stash!  Needless to say, Pepper now has an array of fun things to chew on, and was actually having a hard time deciding which to chew first yesterday.  Now if only I could break her of that toilet water habit that she loves so much….

5 thoughts on “Pepper Update- Week 1 down

  1. What’s wrong with drinking out of the toilet? All dogs seem to prefer it; in fact there’s a book on “Why dogs prefer to drink out of the toilet (and other idiosyncrasies)”. If only they could tell us why, in their own words but, as actions speak louder than words I think we have proof that the bowl next to their food lacks something. One way around it would be to put some flavor in their real water that encourages them to drink that in preference to the toilet.

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