Oswald Cuddles

Last night I let Oswald hop into the bed with us for a couple of minutes because, well, I’m a pushover.  I know he’s been grumpy since Pepper showed up, and I realize he’s probably doing solely to milk it for special treatment, but it is totally working.

I put Pepper in her kennel before we went to bed, and then she howled bloody murder for about 10 minutes because she knew full and well that Oswald was still lying comfortably in our bed.  As if to spite her, that is where Oswald remained for the rest of the night, something he would never normally do.  He spent the entire night procuring more and more real-estate until my part of the bed was but a tiny sliver wedged in between Oswald and Boyfriend’s much larger areas of bed.

He got what he deserved this morning, however, when I subjected him to full force cuddle time this morning.  He was not impressed, as you can see below.


He refused to budge from the bed until lured off with promises of an early walk.  He better not get too used to this treatment because at some point my new-puppy-guilt is going to wear off.

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