Scuba Diving or Spelunking?

These are the most recent hobbies that Pepper is exploring.  It’s that, or she is thinking about taking up extreme sports as a hobby.  Either way I fear I may have an adrenaline junkie on my hands.

Yesterday after I took a bath I heard a clatter in the bathroom.  I decided I should probably investigate, and found that Pepper had leaped into the tub and was submerging her head in the water that was draining out of the bath.  She was trying frantically to attack the bathmat in the bottom of the tub that was underwater.  After a 30 second assault on the bathmat, she leaped back out of the shower, bolted to the front of the house, grabbed her stuffed Armadillo and ran back to the tub.  I think she quickly figured out that armadillos are not an aquatic species, as her armadillo (I named him Army) wasn’t a very helpful partner in Operation Bathmat.  Army was quickly cast off to the side, but Operation Bathmat continued for another 5 minutes or so.  My bathroom floor was completely soaked by the time she was done, and my bathmat is looking a little worse for wear.



In other news, Pepper seems to have taken an interest in the underground world also, which is why I think spelunking might be an interest of hers.  Twice in the last three days I have (literally!) had to extract her from storm drains in our neighborhood because she thinks it’s a great idea to dive head first into them. Now that she’s made her way into one once, she stops at every storm drain on our walks and considers making a dive.  I am now a lot more aware of the locations of our neighborhood drains and make an attempt to avoid them.  I’m not a big fan of things found in storm drains at the best of times, but I feel that especially in New Orleans living by the river, storm drain diving is quite hazardous.  The drains are old and generally have really large openings, so while I’m not as worried about her getting stuck in them (yet), I am worried about the kinds of friends she’ll make down there.  Possums, raccoons, snakes, alligators, maybe a honey badger, who’s to say!?  All I know is that these are rather unsavory characters that I would prefer her not to befriend. And that’s if she makes it past the broken beer bottles, plastic bags, and stray hypodermic needle.

So while I want to be encouraging of her hobbies and I applaud her for wanting to diversify her interests, I’m not sure that I’m fully on board with either of the two recent activities. I just wish she leaned towards more normal hobbies, like Oswald with his cooking or Rupert with his stick collection.  I could write it off as a “phase” that she’ll “grow out of”, or maybe I should just invest in a snorkel and a headlamp and let her go to town?

What do you think?  Is it a phase, or should I invest in some extreme sporting equipment?

One thought on “Scuba Diving or Spelunking?

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