Oswald’s Turkey “Gumbo” Dog Food

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my blog followers.  Sorry I haven’t been posting much, but it was hard to get a nose into the kitchen over the last week or so with all of the commotion around the house.  The Butler invited her family to our house for Thanksgiving, which served to be quite an inconvenience for me.

They were noisy, which interrupted my regularly scheduled sleep patterns.

They came and went throughout the day which often threw off my walk schedule.

They took up a lot of couch space, which left me no choice but to lie on the “dog bed” that the Butler keeps encouraging me to sleep on.

Finally, they took over my kitchen, which I was none too pleased about.

Once they all left and I was able to return to my usual routine and start thinking about a recipe that I could use the turkey leftovers for.  Then, inspiration hit me! My Butler often makes something called a “gumbo” for the humans with the leftovers from Thanksgiving.  Her process seems rather time consuming (something about a roux?), but, being the southern dog that I am, I thought I could simplify it and make my own gumbo.  So I did!

Oswald’s Turkey Gumbo Dog Food


  • Turkey (no bones!)
  • mashed potatoes (regular, sweet, or both as long as the sweet potatoes don’t have sugar added)
  • bacon  (because there is always bacon!)
  • broccoli and carrots (optional)
  • anything else you want


  1. Add all pre-cooked food into the food processor.
  2. Blend
  3. Add liquid if needed (homemade turkey stock works well!)
  4. Enjoy!

While watching Butler make the gumbo that my people eat, I realized that it is a bit of a hodge-podge combination of many different ingredients, which is where I drew my inspiration for my own “gumbo”.  Basically feel free to add in any leftover (cooked) meat, plain starches, and plain veggies as long as they haven’t been made into a “casserole” first.  Also, in your doggy gumbo, leave out the “Holy Trinity” of gumbo- onions, celery, and green pepper- as onions are not good for dogs.

So eat up my friends, and then relax and enjoy your turkey-induced drowsiness.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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