Pepper Needs A Pool!

This past Saturday, I thought it might be nice to take a warm, relaxing bath before I went to a friend’s kid’s birthday party.  I had closed Pepper into our bedroom (our bathroom is attached) so I could keep somewhat of an eye on her while I was in the tub.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I turned on the bath water to fill up the tub and went back into my bedroom to do something on my computer (meaning, check my Facebook).  When I returned to the bathroom a few minutes later I was surprised to find that my lovely, warm bath had been invaded by what I can only describe as a Furry Land Alligator.  She was jumping and splashing and attacking the water, just happy as a clam in what should have been my relaxing bath!


As you can see from the blur in the photo, she was moving at quite some speed!

Well, I quickly realized that extracting my Land Alligator from my bath would be next to impossible without a major struggle, so I decided to cut my losses, lined my bathroom floor in towels and jumped in with her.  It wasn’t exactly the relaxing bath I was hoping for, but it was hilarious nonetheless.

Once we (meaning, I) had had enough I pulled the plug and toweled off, leaving the water to drain.  Well, this sent poor Pepper into quite the frenzy.  She was very distraught that the drain was taking her fun water away and therefore tried to do everything in her power to get it back.

To see a video of her water freak out, click here.  It’s a good one!

As a former swimmer and swim coach, I am a little proud that my Pep has taken to water so well.  Plus, I think this has certainly solidified the fact that Santa needs to come through with a pool for her like she asked for on her Christmas List.  If nothing else, then I would at least get my tub back!

All I can say is that I was glad I had to leave for the birthday party after all of this nonsense and Pepper was safely in her kennel, as I’m sure she drank enough bath water that she may have been high on bath salts….

6 thoughts on “Pepper Needs A Pool!

    • She only likes baths on her terms apparently. If I get out the hose she is much less enthusiastic. Haha. She only likes spa-like treatment.

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