Oswald vs. The New Couch

Poor Oswald.  Nothing seems to be going his way at the moment and now his favorite thing has been taken away from him – the couch!

We finally invested in a new couch and love seat because our old sectional had seen better days.  The new couches are soft and fluffy and super comfy and I love them!  This is problematic for Oswald because I’m now on a mission to keep the couches “nice”, which translates to “un-dogged”.  Having spent the first part of the morning repeatedly asking Oswald to ” please get off the couch,” he finally decided to sulk outside on the cold porch in protest. 

I’m not sure how long he plans on keeping up his demonstration of annoyance, but it’s 48 degrees outside and he’s part Husky so my sympathy for him is minimal.  I even washed the cover of his huge, temperpedic dog bed (seriously- it’s more comfortable than my bed) so it would be nice and fresh for him to lounge on.  But no, none of that is to his liking. 

Anyway, I’m standing my ground for now, but I’m sure I’ll crack eventually.  And when I say eventually, I mean probably tomorrow. 

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