Dog- Friendly Races

When Rupert was still alive I had grand plans that him and I would run some races together one day once he was older.  Unfortunately, Rupert isn’t going to get the chance to run a race with me, but Pepper has also taken an interest in running so I restarted my search for dog-friendly races. has a really good section that allows you to search for dog-friendly races.  So far here is their list for races in 2014.  Unfortunately for me it looks like Pepper and I would need to do some traveling to get to a race, as none of them are anywhere close to New Orleans..  I’m particularly interested in the Dog Gone Cold 5K run/walk in Georgia.  It is co-hosted by Hopeful Hounds, Inc. and the American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue (ABTCR) which is the organization we used to adopt Pepper. It will be too soon for us to run it this year, but I think Pepper and I will make that our goal for next January.

Until then we’ll stick to our short training jogs that are just enough to get her used to running before we play on the levee in the fog.

Foggy Pepper


I know there are a lot of you that jog with your dogs, but have any of you ever done an official race with them?  If so, how was it?

2 thoughts on “Dog- Friendly Races

  1. I’ve done a couple dog races with mine. It was an interesting experience, but I would do it again for sure. The ones I did we’d very small, so they’re was not too much overexcitwment, which could definitely be a problem. I also wanted to race, and my dog did not, but we still finished pretty near the top. My dog pretty much runs with me every single time I go, but there were also a lot of people walking so that is OK as well! The dog gie race was a good experience for me, and I would recommend it!

    • That’s awesome!! Pepper is still pretty young so we are mostly doing “practice runs” right now to get her used to it. She seems to love it I just don’t want to stress her bones right now. I’m hoping she will at least be able to do some 5Ks with me next year 🙂

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