Oswald’s Holiday Recap

The holidays are so over rated! I may start a petition in my household to cancel them all together next year.  If I can’t push that through, I will just hide in my room for the duration.

Christmas started poorly for a me about two weeks before the actual day.  My Butler took a trip for a week to Mexico and left me with a substitute butler at the house.  The substitute butler did a pretty good job, but I still had to let her know how I liked things done.  It was really rather stressful.

When the Butler returned she had the nerve to throw a “Holiday Extravaganza” at my house.  To make matters worse, she put me upstairs in the guest room for most of the party with the puppy.  I’m usually able to associate and mingle with guests at these events, but because the puppy was being put away, I was forced to join her and “keep her company”.  I hate being treated like a common dog.

I was still holding out hope that Christmas may be saved come Christmas morning.  I had made a very specific request to Santa this year regarding my Christmas wish. I have since rewritten to my (soon to be former) old friend Santa to discuss my disappointment that he did not fulfill my request.  I was sure to remind him that he still owed me a favor after a certain Arctic Fox debacle that I gave him a hand with many years ago.  It is interesting how quickly people forgot these favors when it is time to return them…

So Christmas day came and went in all of it’s misery and at some point my Butler even had the nerve to put an antler headdress on me.  I’ve never been so mortified.

Luckily I was able to find some solace in my cooking during this horrible holiday period.  I created a new recipe for my Christmas cookies this year.  I started with my favorite ingredient, bacon. Then I added sweet potatoes for a cheery color and some cheese for some extra deliciousness.  Once I blended all of that together I added flour until the dough was a cookie dough consistency, rolled in out, and used my various sized bone cookie cutters to form the biscuits.

I had to make quite a large batch for all of my friends in the neighborhood.  My Butler made some gift tags for me and then we walked around and delivered them all to my friend’s houses the day after Christmas.


Now I am spending my days enjoying the cold weather and finding ways to avoid the puppy.  I have heard rumors that my Butler will be beginning some kind of nursing training in the coming weeks and I’m feeling uneasy about that also.  I can only assume this new undertaking will take time away from her usual duties that I require of her.  I will post updates on that situation as they develop.

Lastly I still do have a puppy “problem” that needs to be “taken care of” so if any of my friends out there ever dealt with a puppy problem of their own, let me know what strategies you used to at least make the puppy bearable.  I’ll try anything!

Happy New Year!


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