Captured! A rare moment…

Something weird must be going on with the alignment of the stars right now because things are getting a little whacky around here.

First of all, all of the schools are already closed for tomorrow here in New Orleans.  Why, you ask?

A snow day!!

I’m not joking, I really don’t know what to make of this.

Then as if that isn’t strange enough, I saw this with my very own eyes this afternoon and had to capture it on camera to immortalize it:



Oswald chewed a regular dog chew.  It was a basic $1 pig ear from Petco.   I bought a bunch for Pepper and gave him one out of courtesy and he ate the entire thing!  Generally, it is far beneath Oswald to chew something a common dog would chew. He prefers the bones from steak and roasts, and if he is in possession as something as common as a raw hide, it is purely because he felt the need to confiscate it from Pepper.

I’m so sure what is in the air today, but it’s freaking me out.  On another note though, if it does snow here we will be posting lots of pictures tomorrow! 

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