Worst. Snow Day(s). Ever.

Well, as I mentioned a few days ago, the world has taken a crazy turn and we were predicted to get snow in New Orleans over the past few days.  “AWESOME!”, said I, a northern girl now living in a city plagued with heat and humidity the majority of the year.  I was looking forward to seeing my old friend Snow.

Well, he stood me up!  He left me like the heroine gets left in a bad romantic comedy:  All fancied up in my best dress, sitting at the restaurant full of eager anticipation, only to be left with the sinking feeling that I’m being stood up.  Mr. Snow, you, Sir, are a jerk and I will no longer be accepting dates with you.  I also will not accept your phone call with a lame excuse in three days.  I know better…

It never even tried to snow.  It rained.  And rained some more.  And then it kept raining.  It did get cold enough that the rain eventually turned to ice, but not cool, interesting ice, just the kind of ice that ices up your car windows and freezes your outdoor trashcans shut.  Lame, boring ice.

Some creative mind in New Orleans even developed a cute website where you could track the presence of snow in the city.  I sat at home yesterday cuddled in my blanket with my two portable space heaters, Oswald and Pepper, constantly checking to see if www.isitsnowinginnola.com  was reporting snow yet.  Alas, the closet we ever got was this:


Sigh.  So now snow for me, and no snow for the dogs who were looking forward to it too.

But hey!  We got two days off from work and school, which never goes unappreciated, except by one member of the family:  Oswald.  Oswald clearly has no concept of “snow days” or “vacation days in general” and at 7 am this morning when I am clearly hunkered down and settled in for a morning of sleeping in, I am awoken to this:

20140129_102750 20140129_102909

And then a, “woof woof, why aren’t you out of bed yet?”

“Oswald, it’s a snow day, I’m sleeping in, go back to bed.”

To that he responding with a grumpy stare, a sigh, and then begrudgingly slumped off to his bed.  Peace did not last long, however, as boyfriend was soon awakened by Pepper jumping on his head as if to say “Hey, hey, hey, are you awake??  Are you awake now?  Can I have my breakfast?  Hey!  Are you awake?”

We finally gave up, made some coffee and headed out in the cold to the levee with the dogs.  My northern girl instincts did kick in, though.  With my hat, gloves, North Face, and travel mug filled with coffee and Bailey’s I’m ready to tackle anything that                “Sneaux-magedon” (as they are calling it down here) could throw at me.


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