Pepper the Archeologist… or CSI Detective

So Pepper and I are in the midst of moving… again.  After staying with some good friends for the past month we are now moving to a small studio (also owned by friends!) until we find a permanent place to stay.

When we got to the new place yesterday, Pepper did her usual sweep to ensure that there were no hidden gremlins under the bed or in the shower. Once she was satisfied the house was gremlin – free she took to exploring the backyard.  I was happy she was distracted, as it allowed me to put my clothes away in peace, but then she came wandering in with a very curious discovery from the backyard.


How did she find a bone that big randomly hidden under the house?!  Under initial investigation I was fairly sure it wasn’t human (???) but it did belong to a mammal larger than the ones we generally see around these parts.


I started getting pretty excited thinking maybe Pepper was taking an interest in archeology.  If she could tame her excitement and rampant ADHD, then I could totally see her donning khaki shorts and a hat while meticulously brushing sand off a dinosaur skeleton.  Or maybe she could discover some hidden ancient civilization that will change history as we know it!  Or, maybe she could become a crime scene detective that analyzes bones and solve murders that no one else could figure out.  She could rock some sunglasses and ride around the streets of Miami with David Caruso.  Oh, the big dreams I was having for her…

Anyway, it turns out Pepper really isn’t that talented. Later in the evening I found out the bone belonged to my friends’ dogs from when they lived here a few months ago.  We determined their puppy must have stashed it to hide it from the big dog.  So, there goes my big dreams.   Guess I better keep working on her modeling career…

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