Canis lupus weaselus- Pepper the Weasel-Dog

After about a week of owning Pepper as a puppy I nicknamed her “Weasel” because, well, she’s kind of weasely by nature. Mischief is her middle name and somehow she is always able to squeeze herself into the most bizarre places to find her mischief du jour. The Weasel-Dog nickname has since stuck, and she even has her own hashtag on Instagram- #weaseldog.

I decided to do some research on actual weasels to see if there is any possibility she might really be part weasel.  I only know that one part of her mix is Coonhound, but whatever the other half is is anyone’s guess. Plus, as a zoologist (or at least that’s what my B. Sc. degree says), I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d stumbled onto the next super-species: Canis lupus weaselus!

My googling of weasels brought me to discover these basic facts about the little creatures that I could compare to Pepper:

1. Weasels are mammals. (so is Pepper)
2. They are carnivores with slender, elongated bodies. (Check, check, check)
3. They are usually brown with white or yellow bellies. (Pepper has a white belly)
4. The fur is short and dense. (yep!)
5. They have pointed tails. (they didn’t mention wagging, but I’m sure that’s the canine in her)
6. They are aggressive predators chasing prey into burrows, tunnels, up trees, and into bushes. (and down storm drains, and into the Mississippi river….)
7. They also like to raid chicken coops. (Pepper caught one of Hot Friend’s chickens when she was at his house)
8. Some people consider weasels a nuisance. (*cough, cough*)
9. And lastly, from Wikipedia, “In Greek culture, a weasel near the house is a sign of bad luck, even evil, “especially if there is in the household a girl about to be married”, since the animal was thought to be an unhappy bride who was transformed into a weasel and consequently delights in destroying wedding dresses.” (or just ruining my entire dating life. See posts here and here!)

Also, here is the photographic evidence I’ve uncovered:

talking prey…

weasel 2cropped-1488226_694763400556298_110000017_n.jpg

sneaking through long grass…

weasel 3cropped-1460944_697888790243759_1814773125_n.jpg

Posing, ready to pounce…

weasel 420140131_131855

and the “How cute am I?” head shot..

weasel 575932_789657707733533_5715320266446514115_n

So, based on this incredibly scientific study, I have determined that my dog is, in fact, part weasel.  Thanks to Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica for the wealth of information you provided that has led me to this discovery.  Look for my research to be published in Nature in the next few months.


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