T-Minus 12 Days

Ok, so admittedly, I’ve been slacking a bit over the last couple of weeks on my triathlon training.   I had a pretty epic birthday weekend over July 4th which was then followed up by a mid-summer plague that settled in the following week (possibly induced by the epic birthday weekend, but no conclusive proof on that).  Also, my swimming partner, Pam, took off to Mexico for the week so there went my swimming motivation.  Needless to say, I needed to get back on the Exercise Wagon ASAP.

This morning Pam and I went for a swim, which actually wasn’t as bad I thought it would be.   After our swim, Pepper and I did about 3 miles of jogging, which was HOT, but we did it. 

Tomorrow it’s time to log some time on the bike and get the rest of the gear I need for next weekend.  Oh,  and maybe buy some Gatorade too!

More updates to come.  Until then,  enjoy my sweet “overgrown house fly” look at the pool today..


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