Triathlon Update- 6 Days Out

Hopefully this time next week I’ll be writing a post about how great an experiance my first triathlon was.  Hopefully I won’t be writing a post about how I passed out before the finish line.

I’m starting to get a little nervous about the whole process.  The swimming portion should be a piece of cake for me, I’m not worried about the bike portion, but the run portion makes me very nervous.  Very, very nervous! 

The Weasel Dog and I went for a Ginger Jog this morning and it was brutal.  We did 2 miles successfully but I thought my head might explode by the time we hut the two mile mark.  Turns out it’s really hot even at 8:30 am in New Orleans with 90% humidity.  But, we powered through and then stopped at the brand new water fountains on the levee.  There was even one for Pepper. 




Tomorrow we’ll do it all again!

2 thoughts on “Triathlon Update- 6 Days Out

  1. The nice thing about the run leg is if you need to walk, you can walk. On the swim and bike portion, you are kind of stuck swimming and biking. Lol Good luck!

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