Wants and Needs

I don’t know why, but I have a tendency to gravitate towards really expensive hobbies.  Actually, expensive things in general.  As a kid my main hobby was riding horses.  It seemed reasonable enough when it started and my parents paid for lessons once a week.  But then came the grooming supplies, and the tack, and the fancy boots, and the horse shows… yikes!  By the time my parents realized they had encouraged a hobby that would basically funnel money directly out of their bank account each month, I was in too deep.  I was addicted to all things equestrian and I kept it up until I went away to college.

Well, I don’t ride horses anymore because, well, I can’t afford it, so I decided to find some cheaper hobbies.  Running worked well, as I could justify dropping $100 on a pair of running shoes twice a year and feel ok about that.  Cycling also seemed safe.  Once I got my bike (again, $100 at target) and a helmet, I was good to go.  I even use the FREE GPS app on my phone and my FREE music program to stream music.  Look at me go, all thrifty-like.

Then I made the mistake of doing a triathlon.  I can already feel the addiction starting and I have a feeling it’s going to be a full-blown obsession that can only compare to the childhood horse addiction.  This is bad.  I’ve already got plans for my next two triathlons this fall, which is fine, but now I want STUFF.  Expensive stuff.  I started making a list today of equipment I should probably get and was amazed at what I came up with in two minutes of day dreaming:

1.  A new bike.  This one is kind of important, as the bike I have now is designed for cruising around town (or in my case, to and from the bar) not for riding 20+ miles at a time.  Plus I need something with gears.  Badly!  A quick amazon.com search lists triathlon bikes anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.  Ugh!

2. Accessories for the bike.  I’ve decided that sometimes looking the part is actually functional.  The biker gang of tough women that passed me up at lightning speed in the last race, had the visual intimidation factor with their equipment, but also a functional advantage.  For example, using twist ties to attach my water bottle holder to my bike may have looked a little amateur, but it was also a major functional fail as it did not hold the stupid thing in place at all and I ended up holding my water bottle it most of the way.  Aerobars are also helpful, and way more comfortable for long rides.  Pedal clips would also be good to get the most out of my pedaling.  Oh, and I need a new helmet because the one I have now seems to have some nibbles along the back of it.  I can only assume that this was Pepper’s way of putting additional venting into the helmet for me, but alas, she only succeeded in messing up the straps.  

3.  New running shoes.  This needed to happen anyway, as I have holes in the ones I have right now (this time not from Pepper).  It’s time to retire them to dog walking shoes and get some new ones for the fall.

4.  Trisuit/ Wet Suit.  The fall race I’m interested in has an open water swim in October.  Me thinks it may be starting to get chilly at that  time of year so a wet suit will likely be necessary.  Plus as awesome as I looked in my tri-shorts and sports bra, I think it’s time to look a little more snazzy in my race attire.  

5. A pool membership.  This one I thought would be super pricey, but I think I have a line on a cheap indoor pool.  I’ll keep you posted on how that works out.

This is as far as I got without even thinking of all the little things- sports watches, hydration belts, a new swim suit, etc.  So now starts my internet trolling to find good deals on various things so I can start piecing together my collection.  I know better than to try and fight this triathlon addiction, so I might as well accept and embrace it.  

Also, I may need to sell a kidney.  Maybe.

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