Pepper’s Morning Out in the French Quarter

This is my only week off for the summer before school starts back up next week, so Pepper and I are living it up!  Today we decided to hop over the Mississippi River from our neighborhood and do our morning promenade in the French Quarter.


“Yay, ferry ride!”

We jumped on the Ferry, conveniently located a block from our house, and off we went.



“I’m so excited!!”

Pepper does enjoy a breezy ferry ride. 
Once we got to the Quarter we were off to take in the sites of our awesome city.

We picked a great day because the Quarter was nice and quiet.


Strolling down Royal St.

Pepper visited the George Rodrigue Blue Dog gallery and felt right at home. I tried to explain to her they weren’t actually interpretive paintings of her, but she didn’t seem to believe me.


“Paint me like one of your French dogs, George”

Next we visited St. Louis Cathedral.


And then ran into the mules that are used for carriage rides through the city. Pepper was quite unsure as to what these overgrown creatures were.  This was as close as she got before she decided she didn’t need to get any closer.


As we headed back to the ferry, Pepper decided to browse for her Mardi Gras mask for next year…


“I’m thinking green with lots of sequins…”

And was also very upset that her favorite French Quarter bar, The Kerry Irish Pub, was not open yet.  Both her and I were ready for some AC and a cold drink.


Lastly, we swung by Canal Place and longingly looked at some jewelry through the window. Pepper has now requested a diamond studded collar for her Christmas present.


As you can tell my the length of the tongue, we were quite hot by this point, despite multiple water breaks.

We had a great morning.  I think this might be our new Monday morning tradition on my day off once school starts.   But for now, we’re both ready for a nap!

One thought on “Pepper’s Morning Out in the French Quarter

  1. Oh Pepper, you lucky lucky girl! I love visiting New Orleans with my humans. We’re usually in the Warehouse District or around Audubon Park, but on our last visit I got to walk from The District (my favorite New Orleans bar; I literally dragged my humans in there the first time) to the French Quarter. It was magical. Cannot wait to go back–and maybe even take the ferry over to Algiers–when the temperatures drop a bit. Loved your pictures. So cute!

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