Weasel Voodoo?

One of Pepper’s favorite hobbies is finding fun treasures to bring home from her walks.  Usually it’s a stick, sometimes an old tennis ball, and last week it was a pretty nice furry green squeaky toy.  Today’s treasure, however, has given me cause for concern. 

Behold!  Creepy voodoo doll toy!


(Ok, I think it’s actually an old Mardi Gras throw,  but it could have voodoo powers). 

With the naturally destructive nature of my sweet Weasel Dog, it isn’t really a stretch to assume that voodoo would be right up her alley.  There a few people that I wouldn’t mind her voodooing or if she wants to use it on the neighborhood cats, that’s fine too!  But she hexes me, she’s off the p-o-u-n-d because goodness knows I don’t need anymore bad luck!

To be on the safe side, I’ll be feeding her extra wet food tonight!




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