Hello! My Name is Pepper and I’m a Bad Dog

Hello, my name is Pepper and I’m a Bad Dog.  My person has started back to nursing school for the semester, which is very annoying, as now she has something else to focus on other than me.   Today she spent all (!!!!) day with me and even took me on two very long walks.  This afternoon she organized her supplies for her clinical skills tests.  When she left to run an errand for 5 minutes this evening I decided to check them out.   I just wanted to see what was inside all of that sterile packaging.  Turns out plastic IV lines are really fun to chew on.  I hope I didn’t swallow a needle.

My person was very angry when she came home.   She yelled a lot.  I think I will go outside and play with my tennis ball until she calms down.

I will try to be a good dog tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Hello! My Name is Pepper and I’m a Bad Dog

  1. No, you are not a bad dog. It was obviously S.O.D (someotherdoggy) who did this bad deed. You are totally innocent. Me and Nellie know all about this bad dog. He often comes and visits us and as blogland know, Me and Nellie are the bestest maremma in all the land.

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