Could I be a CDL (Crazy Dog Lady)?

Pepper and I are about to move (again!) this weekend, but this should be the last time for a while.  We are upgrading from our 200 sq. ft. guest house to a “big girl” apartment that has stairs and all kinds of other fun features! 

I realized this morning that spending the last 5 months in such close quarters with my dog has not necessarily been good for us.  I’m officially an SDO (Single Dog Owner), which means I’m well on the way to become a CDL (Crazy Dog Lady).  This morning, for example, I found myself conversing with Pepper (the first sign that the crazy is setting in) and saying things that would sound completely absurd if anyone else was around to hear them (second sign of the impending crazy).  Within an hour period this morning I made the following statements:

1.  My pillow is not your personal butt rest.
2.  Why are there bones in the bathroom?
3.  No, I don’t want to sniff your tennis ball.
4.  Please don’t lick the wall.
5.  You know it’s rude to stick your head in the shower while someone else is occupying it?
6.  For God’s sake, fix your ears!  You look a mess!

Yep.  Time for more personal space for both of us.  Goodness knows if I keep this up, I (we) will never find a man and I’ll be dammed if I hit CDL status before I turn 30!

Stay tuned for details on our new digs!


5 thoughts on “Could I be a CDL (Crazy Dog Lady)?

    • It’s when I buy Pepper and I matching holiday sweaters for our Christmas card photo that you have to worry. Wait…. actually… that could be hilarious πŸ˜‰

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