New Apartment! (And Why I Think My Mother is a Witch!)

Pepper and I have been very busy for the last few weeks now that school is back in full swing and, more importantly, we finally moved into our Big Girl Apartment!

We are very thankful to everyone that has given us places to stay or helped us move (a few times!!) over the last 6 months, but now we are very happy to be settled for a while. Of course, we also have to send out a big “thank you” to our friends who lived in the apartment before us.  Pepper refers to them as Uncle and Auntie Bones because they always save various bones for her, but I may rename them to Uncle and Auntie Awesome because they were very generous in leaving me most of their furniture when they moved out and saved me having to start from scratch with furnishing the place.  It was pretty amazing!!

My parents came to visit a few days after I moved, which was very helpful.  After having things stored in various different places for a few months, it is nice to have all my stuff under the same roof, but it also complicates the task of figuring out where all the stuff needs to live.  Thank God for my mother!  I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to organize all their worldly possessions in a few short days, because that woman is an organizational ninja!!  She had my entire house unpacked, sorted out, and put away within about two days (and let’s face it, we took plenty of wine breaks in between).  I was amazed as to how quickly she was able to set up whole rooms while I was in class for only a couple of hours and it wasn’t until she left that I realized what her secret is….

My mom is a witch!

No, not like green skin, bike riding, “I’ll get you, my pretty and you’re little dog too!” kind of witch, think more of Ron Weasley’s Mom from Harry Potter.  I’m fairly sure when I left for class, my Mom just busted out her wand and directed all of my belongings into various drawers and cabinets without even having to put down her cup of tea.  It’s the only possible way to explain how she was able to set up my house with such speed and efficiency, not to mention how she got boxes on a shelf in my closet that is at least 30 ft. in the air with just herself and a 5 ft. step ladder.

It also explains various aspects of my childhood.  All of those fancy birthday cakes that she would make for us when we were kids?  Had to be spells.  All of the awesome costumes she would make for us for various events?  More spells.  Plus she uses tea as a cure-all for everything, and it works!  If you have a headache, drink a cup of tea.  If your stomach hurts, drink a cup of tea.  If your leg falls off, drink tea.  Obviously it’s magic tea, just loaded with spells!

Now that I’ve figured out her secret, though, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get any magic powers, or at least not that I know of (I blame Dad for that).  I tried pointing a wooden spoon at Pepper the other day, willing her to turn into a Good Dog, but, alas, it didn’t work. Maybe that spell is too advanced for me right now.  In the mean time, I’m very thankful for Mom’s supernatural organizational powers, because if it was up to me, I’m sure I’d still be digging through boxes trying to find a fork to eat with (or a mug to put my non-magic tea in).

For those who are interested, here are a few shots of my “magically” organized apartment which will now be referred to as Chez Ginger.  There is still some stuff to hang up and shift around, but it’s pretty much set.   You may recognize the model, also!  (sorry for the smudgy pictures, the phone camera has seen better days!).

The front door opens up into the living room, and to the left the (very pink!) kitchen.


Living room area (ignore the random dresser, it’s waiting to be carried upstairs).

More living room and the fireplace (that works!).


Looking towards the kitchen from the bottom of the stairs.


My sous chef


For those of you that have heard the story, here is one of the infamous hand towels in the downstairs bathroom.


Lofted area upstairs with bedroom area, bathroom, and gigundo closet.


Top of the stairs apparently makes a great vantage point to look out of the windows and keep and eye on the world outside.


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