Recap- Triathlon 2

This past weekend I completed my second sprint triathlon.  I had honestly kind of forgotten this one was approaching, as I had been preoccupied with nursing exams and extra work the week leading up to the race, so when race day finally arrived I was feeling a little under-prepared.  Luckily, I had managed to stay on track with my workout schedule for the most part over the past month, so at least my physical conditioning hadn’t slipped.

My friend Pam did the race with me again, which always makes it a lot more fun.  She picked me up at O’ Dark Thirty on Sunday morning, we loaded up my bike, and off we went to the race site.  I wasn’t nearly as stressed this time with the pre-race set up, as I now understood how the transition zone, number marking, and various other aspects of the race worked.

We self-seeded for the swim, as it was in an indoor pool, so I went and found the 4 minute section and lined up there.  The swim was 300 meters for this race and the pool was set-up for long course (50 meter lengths).  This made the swim much easier, as it was easier to pass people and less time was spent on the walls.  Unfortunately, I had been slacking on my swimming recently (meaning, I hadn’t swam since my last triathlon) so I didn’t think my swim was as good as last time, but I managed just fine.  Two people passed me during the swim, and I passed two others, so I don’t think my seed time was too far off (although the results suggest otherwise…).

When I got to transition to get my bike, it had actually begun to rain slightly.  The upside to this was that it kept the air temperature cool, but the downside was that the wind was whipping! The first 5 miles of the bike ride were great, because the wind was behind me.  However, as soon as I made the U-turn at the halfway mark the wind slammed into me like a never expected and the ride immediately became about 20 times harder.  Ugh!

The rain was just starting to let up when I re-racked my bike in transition and took off for a two- mile run.  Again, I was running into the wind for the first mile of my run, but the second mile was nice having the wind at my back as I ran towards the finish.  My run didn’t feel very strong, but when I looked at my splits after the race I was pleasantly surprised to see that my pace was much faster than my first race.

Here are my overall splits:

Swim 300 meter –  6:20 min (2.07 min/ 100 meter pace)*

Bike 10 miles – 38:54 min (15.4 mph pace)

Run 2 miles – 19:12 min  (9:36 min/ mile pace)

Overall Time:  1:09:05.

*I think my swim time is skewed to be longer than I actually swam, as the timing mats were way, way outside of the pool area.  This would have increased my swim time, but decreased my transition time, so it all comes out in the wash.

I was 15/61 in my age group and 91/351 overall, which sounds just fine to me.

I don’t have any other tris scheduled for the fall, but I do have a half marathon coming up at the end of November and I’m considering signing up for a slightly longer triathlon in the spring.  Stay tuned for updates!

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