So I Did Something Kind Of Crazy….

So, I did something crazy a couple of days ago. Like, really, really crazy!  It was something that I had been thinking about for a while, but when I finally hit the button to confirm my online registration on Sunday evening, I immediately had the thought of, “Holy s@*t, what the f*%k did I just get myself into?!?!”  However, there is no going back now.  The button has been pushed, the debit card has been charged, and now I just have to accept it and start training.

So what did I do, you ask?  I did this:


Yep, I registered for the Half-Ironman race held in New Orleans in April 2015.

It’s a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, capped off by a 13.1 mile run, all together totaling 70.3 miles of “Have I lost My Mind?”

I’m not really sure why I feel so compelled to complete this race.  I think I see it as a great finish to a challenging year, and a way of kind of showing the universe that when life gives me lemons, I’ll use them to flavor my water while I’m training.  (Take that, Universe!)

Do I have any clue how to train for this?  Not really.  Do I have all the equipment I need? Definitely not.  Am I going to have fun figuring it all out?  Absolutely.  For right now I have some running shoes, a pair of goggles, my single speed hybrid-bike, and my coach, Pepper.  That should be enough to get me started, and I’ll figure everything else out as I go.  For now I will be accepting donations of icy-hot, carbohydrates, and encouragement.

Stay tuned for updates on my training progress over the next few months, I’m looking forward to seeing where this crazy journey takes me.  Yikes!

4 thoughts on “So I Did Something Kind Of Crazy….

  1. I could post this verbatim! I signed up for my first ever Tri last month: Half Ironman Boulder 6/2015! What in the f*@K was I thinking?! I know how to run, I may not be fast but I can run. I know how to swim. And I can bike. I don’t/didn’t have a bike but in the last three weeks I have obtained two loaner bikes to train on through the next few months! I am super excited but SO scared and nervous! Good Luck! I look forward to reading about your training!

    • Awesome! I can’t wait to follow your progress as well. A better bike is certainly my first priority. Hopefully I can find a good loaner also.

  2. Are you still searching for a bike? PM me your budget and height and I’ll keep an eye out. Look at Training Peaks for training schedule. VERY excited for you! It will be an incredible feeling when you cross the finish line. After that you should do Augusta! –dawn

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