Ginger Cat

So I think Pepper and I have been adopted… by a cat.  He is a neighborhood cat that hangs out around our new apartment, and being that he is a fellow ginger, Pepper and I took a liking to him when we first met him.   I let him into my house one morning when it was pouring with rain, and he’s been coming back ever since.  It might also have something to do with the tuna I feed him when he comes over.  Either way, he seems to be sticking around. 

I did find out later that he is owned by a lady down the street, but she keeps him solely as an outdoor cat. Apparently Ginger Cat (as I nicknamed him) really enjoys the luxurious comforts of Chez Ginger and now comes over a few times a day for some tuna and a nap.  He’s taken a liking to my old wingback arm chair, which he blends into quite nicely. 


Pepper is confused by him and gets really jealous if Moose cuddles up to me, but she likes him over all.  She mostly follows him around, constantly trying to figure out if Moose is a small dog or a large squirrel.   She can’t decide.


The Marine (the new guy) likes having another male presence in the house, and the two of them seem to be bonding.  I guess this means Moose can stick around for a while if he likes. 


Stay tuned for more adventures of Pepper and the Ginger Cat.

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