Race Recap- The Half- Marathon That Wasn’t

So I was supposed to run a half-marathon this past Sunday morning…. but then I didn’t.

It was a new race in New Orleans, the Big Easy Running Festival.  It looked to be an interesting race, as the route started on one side of the Mississippi River, went up and over the Crescent City Connection Bridge, ran through downtown, up to City Park, and finished around the Superdome.  I was looking forward to this route because it was different from a lot of the other half marathon routes that are usually run in the city.

Well, come race day I have different feelings.  I was coming off a pretty busy last two weeks of nursing school (before finals begin next week), so my training had drastically dropped off. I had also picked up some extra bartending shifts (because nursing school is expensive), which had me working until about 2:30 am the night before the race.  Ugh.  Then the weather called for severe thunderstorms Sunday morning.  Ugh!  No part of this race was appealing to me at this point.

The race organizers did change the start time of the race to accommodate the weather, making it a 9:30 am start time.  Unfortunately, they also changed the route to a 10K in order to finish on time and stay within the time frame for road closures.  In retrospect, the 9:30 am start time and shorter route would have actually been better for me, but when my running partner confirmed at 10 pm Saturday night he wouldn’t be running, that was the tipping point for me and I didn’t even bother setting my alarm for a Sunday morning.  So, in short, I completely flaked on the race.  UGH!

Today I decided to regroup and get re-motivated to begin my Ironman training (because I really can’t bail on the race).  So, as I do every month, I sat down and made my December training schedule, reminding myself that once finals are finished on Dec. 8th I officially have no excuse to stray from the schedule.


It’s not a particularly strenuous schedule,  but it should get me in the routine for when training picks up in January.

We’ll see how long it takes me to stray from the schedule- I give myself 3 days, hah!  Hopefully Pepper will be able to keep me on task, at least for the short runs.

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