Pepper’s Letter to Santa

‘Tis the time of year again for one of my favorite traditions- writing letters to Santa.  While Pepper and I were in the middle of our winter photo shoot yesterday (photos to come!!!), I suddenly realized that Pepper hadn’t written her letter to Santa yet!  I had to work a big party last night so I tasked Pepper to compile her list of desired presents while I was out for the evening.

In case you missed Pepper’s Christmas List from last year, here it is for you to review.  I’m pleased to report that this year Pepper seems to have matured (ever so slightly) and her Christmas requests are a little more refined this year.   Pepper writes the following:

Dear Santa,

I have really, really tried to be a good dog this year.  My Bad Dog blog posts have drastically reduced in numbers and last week I even resisted the urge to chew a pair of unattended shoes.  I think that I deserve some nice presents this year, and our new apartment even has a real chimney, so that will make delivery of my presents very easy for you.

Ok, here is my list in no particular order, although I’d like the ones at the top of the list the most.

1.  A queen-sized sleep number bed– my research indicates that my sleep number should be about 62.  I’m tired of having to share a bed with my Person, as she seems rather territorial about “her side of the bed” and “not sprawling across her pillows.”  It’s really rather disturbing to my sleep cycle and interrupts my dreams about chasing squirrels and staring in the next Lassie remake.

2.  Some private swimming time at the country club I have started attending, Belladoggie doggy daycare and spa.  I do enjoy the social element of my club, but some alone time in the in-ground pool would rather relaxing as well.  The stresses of climbing my way up the canine social ladder are rather draining at times.

3.  Bones!  Lots and lots of bones!  I have recently been introduced to T-bones by Uncle Bunny and Aunt Awesome, and so from now on I would only like to chew on T-bones.  I will also accept other big beef or ham bones in a pinch, but I no longer care for the bland flavor of rawhides.

4.  A new food bowl.  Obviously, I carry my food bowl with me pretty much everywhere I go, so as to always be prepared if a meal appears. I lay on the couch with it, I take it to bed with me, and often I will just wander around with it in my mouth to make sure I don’t lose it. Consequently, my food bowl is a looking a little (a lot!!) chewed and mangled so I think a new model might be in order.

5.  A new collar.  My person keeps getting me cheap collars from the pet store because I keep destroying them by chewing them into teeny-tiny pieces. What she doesn’t understand is I only chew my collars because I can’t been seen at my country club with a pet store collar, as I have a reputation to maintain.  If I had a fancy collar from Etsy, or something of the like, I promise I wouldn’t chew it up.

6.  A membership to the Krewe of Barkus.  It is the canine Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, and joining the Krewe is the first step in my plan to become Queen of the parade one year.

7.  Lastly, I would like a puppy.  I think I’m mature enough to take care of one and I promise to walk it (if it can keep up with me) and feed it (maybe) every day… or I’ll at least ask my Person to do it for me.  If you think it’s best that I start with a goldfish as a training pet, I understand, but really, Santa, goldfish are so boring!!

Also, if you could drop some extra bones to my friends that play with me- Owen, Lizzie, Rowlf, and Ellie- when you pass through the neighborhood, that would be awesome as well!  I will be sure to leave some carrots out for the reindeer, because they are kind of icky so I don’t eat them anyway.

Thanks so much Santa- you’re the best!

Lots of Love,


P.S. If a queen-sized bed it too big for the sleigh, I’ll settle for a full.


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