Three Months to Go! Yikes!

So I realized today that in exactly 3 months, on April 19th, I will compete in my first Iron Man 70.3 race here in New Orleans.  Holy s#!t!!

Now, I do love some good old fashioned procrastination, but 29 years of honing my procrastination skills has taught me that not all situations benefit from last minute preparation.  I suspect that competing in a 70.6 mile race may indeed be one of those situations that needs a bit of leg work ahead of time.

I’ve decided to hold myself accountable for my training by posting a training report of sorts each week.  I figured that by putting it out there on the Interwebs in (electronic) print it will keep me honest about how much training I’m actually doing.  Plus it will be interesting to analyze distances, times, paces etc. over the next three months.

So, although my first training summary won’t be until next week, I did in fact break out my new running shoes for their first 5k along the levee this evening.  And for you of you northerners, the weather was so nice, I even wore shorts!

Here are some shots from the run tonight.  Wish me luck and feel free to leave any nuggets of advice you may have.  It’s going to be quite the adventure!


Three months! Yikes!!


Sunset along the levee


Wrapping up the run to a beautiful city view

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