70.3 Training Update- 12 Weeks To Go

Ok, as promised, here is my training recap from last week.  I will admit that last week I didn’t accomplish quite as much training as I would have liked.  It was my first week back to nursing school, which is always hectic, and the weather did not cooperate with my training plans on Thursday and Friday.

However, as I said before, putting it in writing makes it much easier for me to see my success and shortcomings in that week’s training so here is the recap from last week:

Monday: 3.38 mile run- 34:18 time/ 10:08 min/mile average pace.
Tuesday: 7.68 bike- 33:32 time/ 13.7 mph average speed.
Following the run, I immediately did 1.29 mile run- 13:37 time/ 10:32 min/mile average pace
Wednesday:  nothing
Thursday:  nothing
Friday:  nothing
Saturday:  2.29 mile run-  21:51 time/ 9:32 min/mile average pace
Sunday:  nothing

As you can see, mid week things kind of tapered off more than I would have liked due to the weather.  Luckily this week my schedule levels out and will be consistent from now on, which will hopefully make the training a bit more regular. I started off well with a good run today so I’m hoping I can maintain momentum this week.

I didn’t take many shots from this week, but here is one that proves I got the Marine to come for a run on Saturday- a feat indeed!


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