70.3 Training Update- 11 Weeks To Go (And turns out I like yoga!)

Phew, what a week!  I am pleased to report that I did increase my training load last week after a disappointing week before.  I started the week out really well and then dropped off towards the end of the week, but overall I’m mostly pleased with my effort.  Last week I also made my return to the pool!  After about four months of not swimming, it felt nice to jump back into it.

I’ve learned a few things this week that relate to training:

  1. Working as a bartender is not conducive to waking up early to run the next morning.  (Alas, it is essential for paying the rent, however.)
  2. Neither is celebrating your friend’s 40 Birthday with massive amounts of tequila.  (See all the fun here in Pam’s blog)
  3. At the end of a 12-hour clinical shift in the hospital, there are no reserves in the tank for any kind of workout.
  4. Yoga is actually pretty awesome.

Now, I’d like to elaborate on #4 for a second.  I’ve never done yoga before, and I’ve never really had an interest in it.  I know, I know, I know-  there are many benefits to yoga and I’m aware it would do my body tons of good, but I’ve never had the patience for it.  When I work out I like to sweat, and get my heart rate up, and be super tired afterwards (all things that I now realize yoga will accomplish).  I never wanted to “waste my time” laying on a mat and stretching for an hour- that wasn’t my thing.  Until now.  My hips had begun to get pretty stiff and tight at the beginning of last week, and I know that with my body, hip stiffness soon leads to knee pain.  I decided to try a couple of the yoga routines on the Runners World website in order to get a really good stretch after my runs. The routines are pretty short (the ones I did were 15 and 25 mins), which was very appealing for me, as I didn’t have to invest another hour in a post- workout yoga routine.

Well, full disclosure, I actually really like it.  I’m getting a great stretch after my workouts, and it really does relax me.  Sadly, I’m sure images of my “yoga-ing” would make great material for some viral internet memes.  There is usually some cursing involved (“This video lady is f-ing crazy if she thinks I can bend like that!”), some falling over (tree pose can suck it!), and of course Pepper trying to help getting in the way.

I managed to knock out four of the mini yoga sessions last week and so far I’m keeping it up this week. Maybe by the time April rolls around I’ll actually be able to keep my balance 🙂

As for last week’s workout review, here it is:

  • Monday: 5.07 mile run- 54:50 min/ 10:49 min/mi pace
  • Tuesday:  1750 meter swim (200 fr, 100 IM x 5, 100 kick x 5, 500 fr, 50 fr)                                  9.51 mile bike-  40:58 min/ 13.9 mph average
  • Wednesday: 4.03 mile run- 42.44 min/ 10:36 min/mi pace
  • Thursday:  Rest (clinicals)
  • Friday:  1.65 mile easy run with Pepper – 17:39- 10:41 min/mi
  • Saturday:  Rest/ tequila recovery
  • Sunday: Rest/ work

Here are some shots from the week!


Running with Pepper


Back in the pool!

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