Our First Barkus Parade


It’s my favorite time of year in New Orleans- Carnival Season!  Most people just think of Mardi Gras as Bourbon Street and beads, but really it’s so much more.  Mardi Gras is almost a month of parades and parties and costumes and wigs and glitter and fun for everyone of all ages.

Not to be left out of the party are the dogs.  The Mystic Krewe of Barkus puts on an all canine Mardi Gras parade every year.  Everything about the parade is canine oriented and they even have a doggy King and Queen every year.  It’s a Who’sWwho of the New Orleans canine social circle and therefore, Pepper and I had to be part of this.  We paid our membership dues (which are donated to various animal charities by the Barkus organization) and started the process of brainstorming costume ideas.  The theme this year was “Bark Wars”, (a play on Star Wars) and so we had lots of options to choose from (see some ideas here).  Ultimately, we decided to keep it pretty low key for our first year and made a fun shirt.


W settled on a humorous quote and then doused it in glitter to make it “humor chic”. It was a big hit on the parade route and got lots of laughs.  Of course not to be outdone by my hound, I made my own shirt to match Peppers, keeping with the theme of humor.


On parade day, we woke up, ate breakfast, and then began the glam process (basically dousing ourselves in glitter!).


Patiently awaiting her hair and makeup team


Sprinkling on the glitter

After the glitter process was complete, we met up with Pepper’s friend Rowlf and his owne,r Teresa, and took the ferry across to the French Quarter for the festivities.  Rowlf complimented Pepper’s outfit well, as he does have a “Wookie-esque” appearance.  They made a great pair.


Pepper and Rowlf (her Wookie)

We arrived at the pre-party and hung out for a couple hours before the parade.  It was a great place to meet other dogs, look at the great costumes, and generally enjoy the beautiful spring weather in the French Quarter.  One of our friends had given us VIP passes for free food and drink so I had a few pre-parade cocktails and Pepper snacked on various dog treats from different vendors.

Once the parade started rolling, we walked through the French Quarter and tossed beads to the crowd.  The weather was beautiful and Pepper had a great time meeting people and giving licks to unsuspecting children.

All in all, we had a great time!  We will definitely be doing it again next year, but with more beads to throw, fancier costumes, and more glitter!

If you want to see more photos, head over to Barkus on Facebook and give them a “like”.  Here are some of my shots from the day- next year, I promise to take more pictures.


Hanging out at the pre-party.


Pre-party festivities


French Quarter crowds


A mini Princess Leia



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