70.3 Training Update- T-minus 10 Weeks (and Hello Chafing!)

Last week was a good training week!  I finally felt like I was getting into the swing of things (only to be ruined by Mardi Gras this week, I’m sure) and my workouts were feeling like actual productive training sessions. I noticed that my short runs of around a mile felt like an easy jog around the block, and even though my long run felt rough for the first two miles (muscle stiffness), the next four miles felt great once I warmed up.  I’m making progress!

The only downside of last week was the weather.  I realize that I’m luckier than most at this time of year, as the warm New Orleans weather does allow for a lot of outdoor workouts.  However, last week the rain and the wind was too much for me and I cracked- I went to the gym.  (Dum, dum, DUM!)

Now to put this into perspective, I haven’t been to the gym for over a year, demonstrated by the fact that my membership number written in sharpie on my gym pass had completely rubbed off.  As I was biking later on, I figured out that this was by far my most expensive gym visit ever, somewhere around $150 for a once a year trip.  Luckily, I went back the next day which dropped my average to $75 a visit, and I made a mental note to visit a little more often.

My main learning curve from the week, however, was something most athletes have experienced from time to time- chaffing.  Ugh!  I wore a pair on running shorts I don’t normally wear for my 6 mile run Saturday and my thighs paid the price.  Needless to say I purchased my very own tub of Vaseline today and I feel like this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  And yes, I’ve learned my lesson about switching up my shorts, and from now on I’ll be sticking with my usual, chafe-free pairs.

I had scheduled Sunday and Monday (yesterday) in as “rest days”, with Sunday being spent marching in the Barkus Mardi Gras dog parade with Pepper (read the recap here) and yesterday spent studying for a nursing exam.  Today I had great plans for a bike/run after my exam, but my body is telling me it needs one more day of rest.  So after a long walk with Pepper, I will spend tonight doing some yoga, making tutus for the upcoming Mardi Gras weekend, and catching up on TV.  Tomorrow I’ll be back on schedule.

Here is the recap from the week:

  • Monday: 1.31 mile  easy run (with Pepper)- 14:04 min/ 10:44 min/mile pace
  • Tuesday:  20 mile bike at the gym- 1:04:30/ 18.6 mph pace
  • Wednesday:
    • 0.8 mile swim – 28:45 min/mile
    • 9 mile bike (gym) – 30:30 min/ 17.7 mph pace
    • 2 mile run (gym)- 20:00 min/ 10:00 min/mile pace
  • Thursday:  Rest (clinicals)
  • Friday:  0.94 mile run (with Pepper)- 9:43/ 10:21 min/mile pace
  • Saturday: 6 mile run (with Pepper)- 1:07.25/ 11:14 min/mile pace

My new favorite workout shirt


The gym is so borrrring!



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