Shamrockin’ 8K Recap

So, Ironman training was mostly a fail last week.  It rained all week (ugh!) and I came down with a sinus/respiratory/virus/plague situation early in the week that I still haven’t quite managed to shake. 

However, I did run the Shamrockin’ 8K on Sunday morning with a group of my friends, so at least I accomplished that much.  I had worked until 2 am the night before so I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic when we left for the race, but this is one of my favorite races of the year and I didn’t want to miss it. 

I peer-pressured Pam into joining me and we met a few of our other friends down around the starting line also.  Here is our traditional pre-race selfie- as you can tell I’m quite tired!


I also realized that The Marine isn’t the greatest at temporary tattoo application as mine ended up reading “hamrockin’ Run”.  I personally found this hilarious based on my affinity for food.


Rock that ham!

Anyway, once we’d filled our selfie quota (and peed a few times) we lined up and off we went.  The weather was gorgeous (overcast and not too hot) but I still worked up and good sweat.  I decided to run the whole race and just walk for a few seconds while I pounded gatorade at each mile water station.  The Marine competed in the “Guinness Challenge” portion of the race where he drank Guinness every mile.  At first I was a little jealous that I had decided not to partake in that race option, but by mile 4 I was glad I didn’t have a belly full of Guinness! 

I finished in a decent time.  Not super fast but not hatefully slow.  Considering sickness and lack of sleep played a roll, I was satisfied with my performance.  My splits aren’t the fastest, but they certainly are consistent.


After the race I picked up my fancy beer mug, filled it with Guinness and enjoyed the post race party in Audubon park with friends.  All in all, a successful Sunday morning race.


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