Bike Gadgets and My First Tire Change (Wooo!!)

One of the fun things about training for the Ironman 70.3 has been discovering all kinds of fun (and useful!) accessories.   My Amazon Prime subscription has been put to very good use over the last two months and the local UPS guy has become one of my new best friends. 

This week, my focus has been on bicycle accessories.  As I upped my mileage on the bike, I found that my upper body and hands were the source of my discomfort, as opposed to my legs (or butt) which is what I anticipated.  The pressure on my hands was prettty painful and would persist for a few days post-ride and my arms were very stiff from bracing myself against the handle bars.  So, I came up with two solutions- cycling gloves and aerobars. 

The cycling gloves are great and the gel padding really takes the pressure off the base of my thumbs.  Definitely worth the money, and I feel like they make me look kind of tough.



Now, the aerobars were a little more complicated.  Luckily, my friend Red, an experianced triathlete himself, was willing to loan me a set of aerobars for time being to make sure I liked them before I rushed off and bought a pair. I’ve dubbed Red my official Ironman Bike Guy, as he set my aerobars up for me and made me ride up and down the street a few times so he could tweak the angles and length and make sure the fit was just right.  He also hooked me up with another water bottle cage, which is great because you can never have too much water on the bike.   Red also has clip-in pedals (and his wife has shoes) for me, but he wisely suggested that switching to aerobars and clip-in pedals all at once might be a bit much for me.  He’s a wise man (plus he knows I’m clumsy). 



After the aerobar installation I headed out for a 30 mile bike ride.  The weather was gorgeous, I was feeling energized, and I had just enough time to test the new bars out before work.  I was on a roll for the first mile and half, and then I got my first flat tire.  Ugh!!! Luckily, Brian, my other bike guy, gave me an excellent tutorial on changing tires so I was able to perform my first successful tire change!  Woo hoo!!! Unfortunately, by the time I was finished, I realized that I didn’t have time to finish my ride before work, so I gave up for the day (training fail) and made a hamburger instead.  

Now I’m getting ready for my Ironman warm-up race this weekend, an Olympic distance triathlon that I’m doing with my friend Diane (Red’s wife). 

My bike ride may have been a fail, but I’ve had some good runs this week.  Here is a Pepper selfie after our (very hot!) 6 mile run on Tuesday. 


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