The DNA Results are in! Pepper Dog is a…..

Lots of people ask me when Pepper and I are out and about what kind of dog she is.  “Is she a Catahoula?” they ask.  Not a bad guess, and the Catahoula is the Louisiana state dog, after all. Other people think she is part Greyhound because she is so lanky and thin.  Really, though, I don’t have much of a clue what she is.  My usual responses are, “Oh, she’s just a hodge-podge,” or, “we don’t really know, she’s just a hot mess.”

Curiosity finally got the better of me a couple of months ago and I ordered a Wisdom Panel DNA test for Pepper.  I had been told that she was part Bluetick Coonhound, because that’s what her mother looked like (she was a rescue), but we had no idea about her dad.  Was he a strapping tall, hunting dog?  Was he a mutt that had been living in the wilds of Alabama his whole life?  Was he a pampered, designer breed dog that decided to rebel and sow his wild oats just to piss off his over-bearing owners after they made him wear one too many holiday sweaters?  I decided we needed some answers.

The DNA test arrived, I swabbed Pepper’s cheeks, packaged it up, and sent it off to be analyzed.  Then the waiting game began.   It takes a few weeks to process the results, so everyday I was checking my email seeing if that was the day we’d get the results.  Finally they arrived!  I was so excited to open the email and see what unique mix of breeds she was.  I even had a facebook challenge to my friends that I’d buy a beer for whoever to guessed her non-coonhound breed correctly.

So I opened the email…..

I scrolled to the results…

And my immediate reaction was, “Are you KIDDING me?!”

Her breed mix was so obvious that I hadn’t even thought of this option.  I was expecting foxhound or greyhound, maybe a beagle, or even a bit of catahoula.  None of that was on there.  Not even close.

The results did confirm that her maternal genetics are indeed Bluetick Coonhound. There was some mixing on her paternal side but the majority of her genetics are….. *drum roll please*…

Labrador Retriever!

Seriously?!?!  Of course she is!  Basically I mixed two ridiculously high energy breeds and it resulted in a scent-driven, food-obsessed, water-loving, hot-mess-express of a dog.  But she’s pretty awesome so I’m ok with it.  I see a lot more lab in her now that I know it’s there.  Her snout is pretty labby and her ears are more labby than houndy.  I think the lab may also come into play with her trainablity, which is something I realized during her obedience training.  And she’s freakishly loyal, which is fairly labby too.

So mystery mostly solved.  What do you think?  Does Pepper look like a Coonhound-Lab?  

wpid-img_20140826_161028.jpg18485_932057276826908_3401077575616739470_n 11175047_946822432017059_2574987587805718205_n 11261728_953140441385258_5277707375948843707_n75932_789657707733533_5715320266446514115_n

One thought on “The DNA Results are in! Pepper Dog is a…..

  1. that’s awesome!!! such a surprising result! I see the lab in her face and how she holds her head. “hot-mess-express of a dog”- LOVE this phrase!! Congrats!

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