The Day Pepper Met an Armadillo

Today Pepper and I decided to break away from our usual walking routine and we drove out to some nearby nature trails at The Woodland Conservancy.  We did a nice 4 mile loop and my city hound got her first real taste of nature. 

It was beautiful and peaceful and not too hot, as we were shaded for most of our walk.  Tucked away at the halfway point of the loop were some old WWII ammunition bunkers. They were really interesting but a little eerie so we didn’t walk the extra half mile loop around them, we just turned to head back. 

Pepper was a surprisingly good trail dog.  She stuck right next to me and was actually nice and quiet so we were able to encounter a few creatures as we strolled along. We saw a bunch of lizzards, some frogs, a few turtles, and one pretty big snake (but it darted off of the path as soon as we got close so I couldn’t tell what species it was).  However, the most exciting encounter of the day was the armadillo!  We were able to stand and watch him for a minute or so before he noticed us and then he darted across the trail to shrubbery on the other side.  Pepper was completely baffled and couldn’t understand why the strange cat was wearing body armor.  After seeing one armadillo, she got very excited when we came across more armadillos and was constantly on the lookout for them.

Here are some of the pictures from out adventure.


Pepper watching the armadillo


Our armadillo friend


Tree balance beam


A hot selfie




Some awesome fungus




Ammunition Bunker

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