Adventures in Ohio- Part 1

So I’m back in Ohio stayung at my mom and dad’s for the week.  My brother is getting married on Saturday so I came up early to 1. Help keep the rest of my family sane and 2. Sample all of my parent’s wine collection before we serve it to our company.  Tough job, but someone has to do it.

Today I went for a jog down the bike path.  I needed to sweat and loosen up my stiff muscles after 13 hours in the car.  Ugh. 

It was a nice peaceful run and the temperature is a lot cooler than I’m used to back in New Orleans.


They even had signs along the path tell you how far you’re going. How very civilized! (Take note, NOLA).


I decided to duck off the paved path and go hang out by the stream for a while.  Quite a change from the imposing Mississippi River I normally run next to.


It’s too bad my running partner, Pepper, isn’t with me up here. She would have loved this trail.

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