Pepper’s Vacation- Part 1

So, I finally I had to deliver the crushing news to Pepper that she was not a flower girl in my brother’s upcoming wedding and therefore wasn’t actually invited to the event. Although she would probably love to visit my parents’ house, she’s not the most party- friendly dog (because she moves at the speed of sound) so I thought it best for her to stay in New Orleans.  Luckily, she can be boarded at her daycare, Belladoggie, which she loves!   My friend Kylee works part-time at the daycare and checks in on Pepper for me during her evening shifts.  Last night she sent me this photo with the following caption:


“Please with herself after running past me out of the kennel.  Silly weasel dog. Much less pathetic than the first night she stayed here.  Has definitely blossomed  <3"

So, I think it's safe to say Pepper is enjoying her time at summer camp and is keeping up with her usual mischief!

More updates to come, I'm sure šŸ™‚

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