Race Report: Rocketchix Triathlon (and my first race injury)

I think this race might have been doomed from the start.  I signed up for it a mere 3 days before race day after humming and hah-ing back and forth about whether or not I should do it.  I had told my friend Pam I would do it with her, and she’s not really the kind of person you want to back out on (I mean, she has triplet boys- she’s a tough one!) so I sucked it up and decided to sign up.

I hadn’t done much any training since my Ironman 70.3 back in April (race report coming soon, I promise!).  I’ve been in a walking group with my friends, but as for biking and swimming, that has been non-existent.  This was a short race though- 350 m swim, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run- so I figured I could wing it and just have fun.

Race morning I was up at 3:30 to pack my bag and head to Baton Rouge with Pam.


Race day supplies!

 We arrived with plenty of time to pick up our packets and set up in transition.  As we’re attaching our race numbers to our helmets and bikes, Pam noticed that my bib was a different color to hers.  “Did you sign up for the duathlon by accident?” she asked.  “No!” I said with earnest, “I signed up for the tri!”.  Well after a quick check of the email, I realize I had in fact signed up for the duathlon by accident.  Whoops.! I wasn’t heartbroken about skipping the swim (which ironically is my best event), but I also wasn’t crazy about running an extra two miles before I jumped on the bike.  But, whatever, it’s not like a trained anyway, so I decided to go with the flow.

Photo Jul 25, 6 51 57 AM

Pre-race photo

It was still nice and cool when I set off for my first two-mile run.  We ran around LSU campus so it was interesting scenery.  I skipped the first water station and just kept on going.  I felt good.  I was relaxed, my muscles we loose, I was in the zone.  That is, until I tripped over the flat sidewalk and busted my ass. Hard.  I was like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and City walking the catwalk.  One moment I’m owning it, the next second I’m on the ground.  I was triathlon roadkill.  I picked myself up and kept on running, as it didn’t really hurt very much (at that point!).  Before the next water station I looked down and realize my leg was covered in blood.  Ugh, that’s no good.  I rinsed it off with water at the next aid station and kept on going through transition and onto the bike.  I felt like I had made pretty good time, even with my wipe out.

The bike portion was great.  No headwind, and a nice flat, smooth course.  Again, I was just having fun so I didn’t pay attention to my speed and just enjoyed the ride.  The second run was the same route as the first, so I decided to walk through the aid stations (the temperature was much hotter this time around) and run the rest.  I felt great by the time I crossed the finish line.  When I checked my splits later they were all a lot faster than I thought they would be, which was a pleasant surprise.


My friend Teresa was waiting for us, as her sister Larissa was doing the same race, and so we hung out by the finish line and watched Larissa and Pam finish.  It was a nice, relaxed race.  Except for the road rash, which is actually getting more sore as it starts to heal.  But, hey, I ran a race with a bloody leg and gravel still in the wound- I feel like kind of a bad ass!!





129 Photo Jul 25, 7 37 16 AM (1) 11751940_10153174130911725_2112149423709523915_n

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