New Toy!!

My poor Timex digital watch finally broke last week after years of faithful service.  I had to buy a new watch (I need one for clinicals) so I decided this might be my opportunity to upgrade from a standard watch to something more exciting.  I had been kicking around the idea of getting a Fitbit because all of my friends who have them seem to love them and I liked the idea of counting my steps and seeing how much activity I do in a day. But then I thought maybe I should get some kind of Garmen-esque watch that I can use when I’m on training runs/rides/swims, as they are much more accurate than the cell phone app I’m currently using.  What I really wanted was a combination of the two- something that tracks my daily activity AND I can use to accurate track my training.  If only they made such a thing….

Turns out they do!  There are a few different brands, but I settled on the Polar M400.


It had a few key features I wanted:

  • It tracked my daily steps and activity.
  • It has different sport profiles that I can l sync to my watch and use when I train.
  • Most importantly, it’s waterproof!!  I don’t have to take it off to swim and it has a swim profile so I can track my swimming activitiy.

I wore it all weekend and was pleased with the results.  It’s easy to sync with the phone app and the review of my daily activity is really good.  I also learned that if you need more steps in your life, become a bartender- I was really racking them up this weekend! I can’t wait to start training for my next race once my legs heals and start analyzing my stats!




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