Road Rash Update


You may recall that two weeks ago I fell during my triathlon duathlon and scraped my leg pretty badly.  I gained a whole new respect for people who have these wipe outs and end up with a good case of road rash because it really, really hurts.  Like, really f-ing hurts!  But after a week and a half of people telling me it looks terrible (it did!), it looks infected (it wasn’t!), that I should cover it up, that I should leave it uncovered, and which cream/lotion/potion to put on it (because everyone is a doctor, apparently), it has finally scabbed over and is feeling better!  I even managed a couple of short runs this week without searing pain- score!!

I’m now on a strict regimen of coconut oil and vitamin E on my poor wound and hoping I can get it looking a little better for my friend’s wedding next weekend; I’m officiating and I don’t want to wear pants in the New Orleans summer heat.  😛

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